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LALDED "a great mystic Poet"

When the Vedic sage saw the sun proceeding in its upward and downward course through the sky, he cried out in wonder:                                                                             Undropped beneath, not fastened firm, how comes it                                                        That downward turned he falls not downward?                                                              The guide of his ascending path, ---who saw it?”                                                           The sage is full of wonder that:                                                                                                        “the sparkling waters of all rivers flow into                                                                    one ocean without ever filling it.”                                                                                    Again he is puzzled when thinking whither the shining ones of the sky disappears, and he cries forth in amazement:                                                                                                                “Who is it knows, and who can tell us surely                                                                    Where lies the path that leads to the Eternals?                                                            Their deepest dwellings only we discover,                                                                     And hidden these in distant secret regions.”                                                                   He expresses his wonder that rough red cow gives soft white milk. He cries:                    

“Grant me, O God, the highest, best of treasures,                                                             A judging mind, prosperity abiding,                                                                                 Riches abundant, lasting health of body,                                                                       The grace of eloquence, and days propitious”

Lalded was a mystic, so whatever is revealed in her poetry is mysticism. So Lalded is discussed, analyzed and dwelt upon, almost always in the context of mysticism. What is mysticism? Briefly mysticism means the spirituality of the direct experience of God.                                          

I have constantly held that the path of mysticism is not dialectic. It is a conduct that needs to be practiced. It is less theoretical and more practical. Again when realities are tried to be discovered from books and ultimate truth is sought in words, man is landed in a frustrating state. Answers to some queries strike us dumb; so how can words suffice? And while words fall short how can books salvage us?                                                                                                                    Mystic experiences have a relevant role for life. Though these experiences are not tied to the hard facts of this world, yet they interpret the facts of life. Yes, I agree that we cannot deny the importance of science in this technological age. It is playing a magnificent role in the development of mankind. But we have to accept that it is religion that focuses attention on mankind’s purpose and awakens faith in our hearts about the values for which men and women live and die.                                                                                                           Some time back I had an opportunity to interact with some Europeans on religion. One of them told me: “…………..We are raised to believe in all sorts of nonsense like God, creation, virgin birth, Santa, tooth fairies. I think we condition our children to be superstitious and easy marks.” I quoted to this gentleman the following remark of Prof. Edwin of PrincetonUniversity:           

Who can believe a shake in press can give one a voluminous dictionary?                        

Having been in the company of spiritual people for a long time, I have come to know that when wrong notions entangle the brain of a man and infidelity becomes his manner, it is in fact the wrath of God which descends on a vicious mind. So saints suggest praying in such situations.  

Allah guideth not the disbelieving folk.                                                                     

Allama Iqbal Said:                                                                                              ‘Darvaish Khuda Mast Ne Sharaqi Ne Gharabi’                                                                 ‘Ghar Mera Ne Dilli Ne Safahanh Ne Samarkand'                                                                 

[A godly man neither belongs to East nor West.                                                             

My home is neither in India nor in Iran or Russia]

Perhaps, Allama has written this couplet only to pay a tribute to 'Lalded Like' Personalities. Lalded is entangled in bundles of stories and legends; as a consequence, her identity has become hazy. Some people by virtue of their research work tacitly claim that they have brushed away the cobwebs, but it does not sound true. The 'great mystic' is today as well veiled in ambiguities, and this in fact is the success of her poetry and significance of her towering stature. Because any person’s identity is surrounded by legends in fact reflects its multi-dimensional values and colours.

Lalded, poet of all times

'Aami Pan'e sud'e'ras   Nawi Chas Lamaan'

'Kati  Bozi   Da'I  Meun  Mete  Diye   Taar'

 [I am rowing a boat with a weak thread. Would it be!

My Lord ferrys me over!] '

Suder' means sea or water. Lalded has symbolized this world as sea or water. While 'Naw' (boat) has been used for life.

Water is necessary for rowing a boat. In absence of water no boat can be rowed. But this water holds significance till it is outside the boat. If it penetrates inside, the boat will sink. Similarly, this world is vital for life. While this world is forsaken, the life cannot run. But this world too holds significance for running life only till it does not penetrate into the life and remains outside it. It might be that this verse would have been uttered by Lalded with 'Om Pane' instead of 'Aami Pan'e'. 'Om' is the holly name of Deity. It also means 'Aameen' (the Muslims usually recite after prayers.) 'Pan' has been applied here as transitive verb. 'Om Pane' means with the name of God. 'Pan' denotes the abstract quality.

So, in the context of above commentary, it can be said that Lalded continues her life by asking favours of God all the time but did not forsake the world. Instead, she took a genuine support from this world also.  


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 It is beyond any shadow of doubt and an established fact that Lalded was a mystic of lofty status who had attained the knowledge of God to the degree that Sheikh-ul-Aalam Noor-ud-din Wali (R.A.), a brilliant star on the mystic firmament, had to pay her homage with these verses:

‘Tas  PadmanPore   Che  Lalay'


'yemi Gale Gale Amrit Chewo'


'Tami Shiv Woch Thali  Thaley'

 'Teuth Mea  War Detam Devo'             

[Lalded who hailed from Pampore finally rested at divine station where man becomes immortal.  She united herself with God. O' My Lord! Bestow on me, too, such a reward.]           

Every nation supports its identity and status with some artist or poet. The English identifies itself with Shakespeare, the German with Goethe, the Bengali with Tagore, the Iranian with Sa'adi, the Hindus with Kalidaas, the Punjabis with Waris Shah while the Kashmiris with Sheikh-ul-Aalam and Lalded.   When we go through the poetry of Lalded,

We discover her peeping into those extents where the apparent eyes have no access.               

Lalded is a beacon which blazed the path of spirituality. Her Vakhyas (poetic verses) left an imprint on the minds of Kashmiri people.              

Interestingly, people who reach the zenith of their popularity and grandeur are usually searched in legends than reality.                

Ibn-I-Khaldoon the founder of historiography framed the rule that any event would that much enclose to legendaries as much it rises to fame and popularity.              

Goethe said that the zenith of human grandeur concludes its reality on a legend.              

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We need to remember

A thoughtless mind is like a balloon,                                                        wanders aimlessly and falls down.                                                          Happiness is but an occasional episode                                                                in a general drama of pain. (Thomas Hardy)                                                    All the darkness of the world cannot                                                        extinguish the light of a single candle.                                              

                Six times I fall
The seventh
             I get up



In his role as Sufi Sheikh, Jammi expounded a number of teachings regarding following the Sufi path. In his view, love was the fundamental stepping stone for starting on the spiritual jurney. To a student, who claimes never to have loved, he said:

"Go and love first, then come to me and I will show you the way" 


 LALDED..LALADED...                                                                                          (a great mystic poet) a book by nazir jahangir